About the Author – Educational and Professional Background

 Most of Chandana’s recent research/inquiring/integrative activities and publications were in the area of teaching-learning/education in general and more specifically in the field of educational neuroscience/human development/whole person development/mindful learning (mainly since completing his Graduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2006 from Monash University Melbourne). In his work, he looks at education from a deeper and multidisciplinary perspective. More specifically, psychological and neurological characteristics of the learners are given due consideration, and inclusive practices are encouraged. International publications done in this area include two books and over another fifteen peer-reviewed research papers. The two books were “Programming the Brain: Educational Neuroscience Perspective – Pedagogical Practices and Study Skills for Enhanced Learning and Metacognition” and “Education from a Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective – For a Sustainable Development of the Neurodiverse Society – A Futuristic View” published in February 2017 and December 2012, respectively. These research/inquiring/integrative outcomes are the results of his contemplation on general education, out of his personal interest for over 30 years since being a teenager; close to 20 of these years, he has spent as an academic in higher education. 

So far, he has been involved in conducting over 60 courses in higher education in the areas of Computer Science/Engineering, Information Systems, Education and Management. They were conducted to diverse student cohorts in Australia, Cyprus and Sri Lanka at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For over dozen of these courses, he prepared complete curriculum and teaching-learning material following his educational ideals.

He has done formal research studies and earned a PhD from RMIT University Melbourne in 2004. The area of this research study was broadly Computer Systems Engineering and more specifically on making quality of service (QoS) differentiation within the Internet framework more efficient in the presence of bursty, self-similar data traffic. In addition, Chandana holds a master’s degree in computer engineering received from RMIT University Melbourne in 2000 and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka, received in 1997. 

Currently, Chandana works as a sessional academic at the Melbourne campus of Central Queensland University Australia. Previously, he has worked as a full-time academic at RMIT University (Melbourne), Monash University (Melbourne), the University of Northern Virginia (Cyprus campus), and the University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka). 

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